We serve as general counsel to domestic and foreign corporate clients across various sectors, handling all stages of clients’ legal needs from corporate formation and governance to ongoing business growth and development, including initial formation and capitalization; equity sales and investments; corporate governance; SEC and state securities registrations; employment; intellectual property transactions; joint ventures; strategic alliances; mergers and acquisitions; and cross-border transactions. Further, we advise on board of directors’ duties, conflicts of interest, waivers, and insurance matters; serve as corporate secretary; prepare and amend stockholders’ agreements; prepare and amend bylaws; prepare board minutes and resolutions; coordinate and prepare for annual stockholders’ and board of directors’ meetings, including committee and special board meetings; and prepare and maintain notices of meetings, proxy statements, and proxy revocations. Further, we structure, negotiate, analyze, draft, review, and manage complex agreements for intercompany loans and services and various commercial agreements, including, among others, employment, severance, non-disclosure, consulting, technology, distribution, sales, purchases, intellectual property licenses, and insurance contracts.

We handle cross-border transactions across various sectors and jurisdictions. We bring together foreign and domestic sellers and purchasers and conduct the necessary due diligence to determine transparency and credibility in all potential business arrangements. We advise our clients on a full range of legal issues, including U.S. and foreign trade regulations, customs laws, foreign assets and export controls, shipping matters, letters of credit, financing, and United States and United Nations sanctions regulations. In negotiating and preparing agreements, we strive to maximize profitability and minimize liability and risk for clients engaged in international trade.

We conduct complex legal research and prepare comprehensive legal memoranda in all areas of corporate governance, including pending legislation, regulatory guidance, and precedent on corporate governance, corporate compliance, and other issues affecting private and public companies.

Representative Clients: Real estate owners, developers, and managers; global luxury brand apparel and accessories manufacturers and retailers; global luxury brand furniture manufacturers and retailers; restaurateurs; luxury brand handbag designers; luxury brand jewelry designers; liquor store owners; wine importers; entrepreneurs; software developers; global private equity and marketable securities firms; national online grocery retailers; academic and educational counseling companies; filmmakers; construction companies; interior designers; architects; game developers; photographers; writers; fine artists; security services companies; and multiple individual clients in diverse sectors.


We represent domestic and foreign individual, corporate, and sovereign clients in all aspects of real estate transactions and disputes, including, among others, developing regional strategies; negotiating commercial and residential real property acquisitions and sales; handling large-scale renovation projects from bid process to negotiation, preparation, and management of architecture, general contractor, management, maintenance, and insurance contracts; and negotiating, preparing, restructuring, reviewing, and managing commercial leases and financing agreements, including, among others, lease abstracts, term sheets, amendments, assignments, terminations, and internal compliance documents and reports to implement systematic tracking and monitoring of information. Further, we advise on insurance, CAM, and environmental issues and handle nonpayment and eviction proceedings. We work closely with owners and senior management to successfully establish and communicate a uniform approach to real estate transactions, management, and corporate best practices. We possess a thorough understanding of commercial landlord/tenant relationships to ensure successful negotiations as counsel to both landlords and tenants.

For real estate clients who are restaurateurs, liquor store owners, and wine importers, we successfully prepare retail and wholesale liquor license applications, including on-premises retail applications, applications for approval of corporate change, petitions for removal, and retail liquor store applications, and advocate on behalf of clients at community board meetings and hearings of the New York State Liquor Authority.

 Representative Clients: Real estate owners, developers, and managers; global luxury brand apparel and accessories manufacturers and retailers; global luxury brand furniture manufacturers and retailers; sovereign states’ embassies, consulates, and permanent missions to the United Nations; restaurateurs; luxury brand handbag designers; luxury brand jewelry designers; liquor store owners; wine importers; entrepreneurs; photographers; software developers; architects; and multiple individual clients.


We represent domestic and foreign individual, corporate, and sovereign state clients in labor and employment matters, including negotiation and preparation of complex employment, confidentiality, non-compete, and severance agreements for clients in diverse sectors. In addition to employment agreements, we prepare services, exclusive and non-exclusive agency, consulting, and finder’s fee agreements. We advise on New York and New Jersey labor standards, including, among others, hours of work, payment of wages, criminal conduct, meal periods, sick leave, holidays, and vacations. We negotiate, prepare, and review employments agreements for both employers and employees.

Representative Clients: Academic and educational counseling companies; construction companies; filmmakers; interior designers; security services company; financial institutions; global luxury men’s and women’s apparel and accessories manufacturers and retailers; global luxury furniture manufacturers and retailers; sovereign states’ embassies, consulates and permanent missions to the United Nations; restaurateurs and multiple individual clients.


As legal counsel to sovereign states’ embassies, missions, and consulates, we analyze and interpret treaties and commercial agreements for legal, financial, trade, tax, policy, and procedural significance. We advise ambassadors and senior government officials in the following areas: sovereign and diplomatic privileges and immunities impacting commercial obligations and litigation matters, including commercial and residential lease disputes; United States’ executive orders, sanctions regulations, and licenses; United Nations Security Council sanctions regimes, committees, and lists; bilateral and multilateral treaty negotiations, analyses, and interpretations, including asylum and refugee law and international trade law (UNCITRAL); United Nations affairs, system, organization, and interrelationships; international commercial transactions; intellectual property matters; and real property acquisitions and leases. We prepare legal memoranda for clients and diplomatic notes to the United States Department of State. Our successes include representing sovereign states in bilateral and multilateral meetings at the United States Department of State and the United Nations, respectively, and in multiparty negotiations on treaties impacting host country relations, trade, export controls and sanctions, investment, finance, climate, and technology, among others. We conduct meetings with United States federal, state, and city officials on diverse matters, including real estate acquisitions and leases, tax assessments, and proposed bilateral treaties. Further, we analyze, negotiate, and draft complex agreements for commercial and residential leases, and insurance, architecture, construction, management, employment, public relations, technology, and security services. We ensure that all commercial transactions comply with diplomatic and consular laws. We successfully maintain a high level of political and cultural knowledge and awareness in representing sovereign state clients in the United States.

We advise sovereign states by analyzing the impact of existing and proposed United States legislation on diplomatic, economic, and trade relations. We provide our clients with a thorough understanding of United States’ legislative and regulatory processes and assist in developing strategic communications in meetings with United States federal, state, and local officials.

Additionally, we serve as legal advisor to sovereign states and work with local counsel on legal issues pertaining to sovereign state-sponsored students studying throughout the United States. We prepare comprehensive guidebooks for foreign students on the United States legal system and American culture. We work closely with sponsoring sovereign states’ governments, local counsel, students, parents, families, academic counselors, schools, insurance companies, law enforcement officials, and various United States’ federal, state, and local agencies, including U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as necessary, on legal issues and emergencies, including, among others, academic hearings, criminal arrests, immigration detentions, questioning by law enforcement officials, and commercial matters, to resolve legal issues and disputes in a timely manner. We work closely with sponsoring governments and students to conduct extensive due diligence, select local counsel, formulate legal strategy, and monitor local counsel’s progress.

Representative Clients: Permanent missions to the United Nations and consulates in New York; embassies, consulates, and cultural and student affairs offices in Washington, D.C.


We represent domestic and foreign individual, corporate, and sovereign state clients in intellectual property transactions and disputes. We structure, negotiate, and prepare joint venture, strategic alliance, and marketing agreements for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing of data, information services, software, and trademarks within defined territories. In the music and luxury brand sectors, we structure, negotiate, and draft licensing and endorsement agreements. Our legal experience extends to intellectual property disputes.

Representative Clients: Multimedia companies; global software developers; global luxury electronic manufacturers and retailers; technology companies; sovereign states’ embassies and consulates.


We handle various contract disputes, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) matters, including real property acquisitions and leases, employment, film distribution, and partnerships. We conduct legal research and analyses of complex legal issues and evidentiary materials; develop and implement pre-trial discovery through expert consultations, depositions, and investigations; prepare procedural and substantive legal briefs, opinions, motions, and memoranda of law; advocate for clients in United States’ federal and state courts; and formulate settlement options before judges, arbitrators, and mediators before and during trial. We view ADR as a fundamental part of our skill set in handling disputes and examine the potential value of ADR in every case, advising our clients of the possible options and strategies for successfully resolving a dispute. Further, we advise on corporate governance policies, practices, and procedures to implement best practices for conflict prevention and management.

Representative Clients: Filmmakers; production companies; construction companies; architects; photographers; fine artists; security services companies; real estate developers; global luxury brand apparel and accessories manufacturers and retailers; global luxury brand furniture manufacturers and retailers; sovereign states’ embassies, consulates, and permanent missions to the United Nations; restaurateurs; and multiple individual clients.


We focus on both regulatory and transactional issues, with particular emphasis on the following practice areas: health IT; human subject research; Medicare and Medicaid; regulatory compliance; fraudulent billing; healthcare reform; and healthcare ethics issues. Our healthcare law practice focuses on laws, rules, and regulations that impact healthcare patients, payers, and providers. Our interdisciplinary team includes content experts and consultants ready to address a vast array of healthcare law needs.

Representative Clients: Medial institutions; technology companies; and individual clients.

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