Zubi Rosner, LLP handles diverse contract disputes, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) matters, including real property acquisitions, sales, and leases; employment; film distribution; and dissolutions of corporate entities.

We conduct legal research and analyses of complex legal issues and evidentiary materials; develop and implement pre-trial discovery through expert consultations, depositions, and investigations; prepare procedural and substantive legal briefs, opinions, motions, and memoranda of law; advocate for clients in United States’ federal and state courts; and formulate settlement options before judges, arbitrators, and mediators before and during trial.

We view ADR as a fundamental part of our skill set in handling disputes and examine the potential value of ADR in every case, advising our clients of the possible options and strategies for successfully resolving a dispute.

We advise on corporate governance policies, practices, and procedures to implement best practices for conflict prevention and management. Further, we successfully mediate disputes among business owners and contract parties.