Public International Law and Sanctions Regulations

Zubi Rosner, LLP represents sovereign states’ embassies, consulates, and missions to the United Nations. We advise ambassadors, permanent representatives, and senior foreign government officials on sovereign and diplomatic privileges and immunities impacting commercial obligations and litigation matters; United States’ executive orders, sanctions regulations, lists, and licenses; United Nations Security Council sanctions regimes, committees, and lists; bilateral and multilateral treaty negotiations, analyses, and interpretations, including trade, criminal, asylum, and refugee laws; United Nations General Assembly Sixth Committee matters; international commercial transactions; intellectual property matters and disputes; and real property acquisitions, sales, and leases. We prepare legal memoranda and diplomatic notes to the United States Department of State on behalf of sovereign state clients. We represent sovereign states in bilateral and multilateral negotiations and advise on treaties impacting host country relations, trade, export controls and sanctions, investment, finance, climate, education, and technology. We conduct meetings with the United States Department of State and other United States federal, state, and city officials on diverse matters, including real estate acquisitions and leases; tax assessments; and proposed bilateral treaties. Further, we analyze, negotiate, and draft complex agreements for commercial and residential leases, and insurance, architecture, construction, management, employment, public relations, technology, and security services. We successfully maintain a high level of political and cultural knowledge and awareness in representing sovereign state clients in the United States.

Additionally, we work with local counsel on legal issues pertaining to sovereign state-sponsored students studying throughout the United States. We prepare comprehensive guidebooks for foreign students on the United States legal system. We work closely with sponsoring sovereign states, local counsel, students, parents, families, academic counselors, schools, insurance companies, law enforcement officials, and various United States’ federal, state, and local agencies, including U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, as necessary, on legal issues affecting sovereign state-sponsored students to resolve in a timely manner academic hearings, criminal arrests, immigration detentions, questioning by law enforcement officials, and commercial matters.